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Growing up in multiple countries such as India, Philippines and Indonesia, Aditi was exposed to a variety of cultures, costumes, people, language which not only inspired her everyday but also fuelled her creative self.

An alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, she went on to pursue her dream of creating with multiple luxury jewellery brands after which she finally decided to live the dream with Palette. She calls it a confluence of cultures, travels, people, nature and her own course of life experiences.

Palette aspires to impart definition to an individual with every piece of jewellery it offers, be it designed or curated, all in the hope of bringing ‘joie de vivre’ whenever worn.

As Keats famously said,  “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and it certainly holds true for most of such experiences. Our idea of beauty emerges with how we perceive things around us which include hundreds of everyday activities.

One such moment,  which we always carry with us,  is when our mothers dressed up every morning. A rush of nostalgia comes over when one recalls the fragrance of their favourite perfume, their liking to a particular colour or that favourite pearl necklace which came out only to be teemed with that beautiful blue chiffon saree.

This tasteful style of having matching baubles to go with everything in her mother’s closet started Aditi’s tryst with jewellery. This love affair along with her passion for colours led to the birth of Palette.

Aditi Nathani,  Founder & Designer
Aditi Nathani, Founder & Designer

Designed with Passion. Curated with Love.

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